Jun Buenaflor

Jun is a famous cyberspace male celebrity that starred in multi-million dollar movies shown throughout the world. MAD magazine has regarded him as one of the most stunning male celebrity of the century. TIME magazine and NEWSWEEK haven't said anything about him.

His first movie - TERMINATOR - was his first step to stardom where he portrayed a Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Cyborg, where most of the part was played by the Cyborg and Jun himself have not more 5 minutes of film exposure.

The second movie of his career was called - SPAWN - where he portrayed the cartoon character Spawn. Just like in TERMINATOR, the film exposure time did not exceed 5 minutes since most of the part was played by the stuntman.

The latest movie of his actor life is X-FILES, this movie is highly classified as top secret so information regarding its existence is prohibited to the general public.

Watch out for his next movie - a sequel of the famous thriller ANACONDA. It will be released in the Philippines under the title - HAWAKAN MO ANG ANACONDA KO - and its international title is - HOLD ON: ANACONDA Part II.

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